2nd Street Community Center Re-roofing Project

Proposals are sought from qualified bidders for a new rubber roof for sections of the 2nd Street Community Center, 175 Orange St, above the Police Department and above the Borough offices.

GENERAL Scope of Work:

  1. The roofing contractor shall remove all loose stone aggregate and other old roof debris down to the secure substrate. The material under the stone is to be left in place.
  2. The contractor shall repair any rotted wood around the downspout areas and roof drainage areas, up to one hundred (100) square feet.
  3. Install 1/2" fiber board on top of existing rubber roof with screws and plate washers.
  4. Install 060 EPDM rubber roof with a low-voc EPDM glue.
  5. All edges and drains will be taped and flashed properly.
  6. Install new curb flashing covering entire curb, to closely match current color.
  7. Include commercial grade sealants and accessories as needed to complete the project.
  8. Include cleaning out gutters, clean up/disposal, and running a magnet.
  9. All debris to be removed and disposed of by the contractor.
  10. Manufacturer guaranteed for at least 10 years