Local Services Tax

Local Services Tax

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To:  Employers in the Borough of Northumberland                                     

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania adopted Act 7 of 2007 which amends the Local Tax Enabling Act, Act 511 of 1965, to make major changes to the Emergency and Municipal Service Tax (EMST).  The name of the tax is changed to the Local Services Tax (LST).  Detailed information is available here.

The LST for the Borough of Northumberland is $52.00 and must be assessed and collected on a pro-rata basis determined by the number of payroll periods established by an employer for a calendar year.  Employers must remit withheld taxes to the Borough Secretary thirty (30) days after the end of each calendar quarter.

The following forms are used in filing:

All documents are provided in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required and can be found at www.adobe.com. Adobe Reader is a free program, please make sure you are downloading the correct program.

Updated 2/27/2020