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Utility Pole Work

Osmose Utilities Services has been contracted by Verizon to inspect utility poles on or near your property. The inspection program is designed to determine whether the pole meets established safety requirements, requires strengthening by reinforcement (trussing), or should be replaced. Osmose is NOT inspecting the electric power, communications, or other attachments on the pole.

Utility pole assessment is a proactive approach to finding poles with decay below groundline. The work will include determining what poles may need to be rehabilitated or replaced.

For this critical work, Osmose may require access to the pole if it is located on private property, behind a closed gate, etc. Osmose employees will be wearing identification and dressed in highly visibility vests and hard hats. For more information on the inspections taking place in your neighborhood, email VerizonAccess@osmose.com or call 470-615-3150.

We appreciate your support during this process.