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West Nile Virus – Positive in Northumberland Borough

West Nile Virus has been detected in the Northumberland Borough. The Mosquito Borne Disease Control team at the Northumberland County Conservation District is keeping a very close eye on the area, and has been treating mosquito breeding areas with larvae present. Multiple adult mosquito traps have been set to get a better idea of virus activity in the area, as well as adult mosquito populations. Residents may find doorhangers on their doors that outline ways that they can reduce breeding habitat in their own yards as well as other ways to protect themselves; these doorhangers have the district's information on them if there are any further questions.

Even though there is a low risk of disease transmission, residents are still encouraged to:

  • Avoid peak mosquito hours by staying indoors. - Dusk-dawn
  • Wear long sleeves, long pants, and avoid open-toed shoes if possible. - A mosquito will bite any exposed skin.
  • Apply bug spray with at least 30% DEET.
  • Remove any standing water from your property. - Any water standing for more than 4 days can breed mosquitoes that can carry WNV.

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