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About Us

The PA Borough Code was revised and became effective June 17, 2014.  It defines the abilities, responsibilities and limits for the rule of a Borough.  A Borough Council Handbook is available from DCED in both digital (free) and print ($) versions.

Borough Council is primarily  a legislative role. Members may also act in an administrative, executive or supervisory role to a lesser extent.  The methods for taking official action are specified in the Borough Code and other state laws. Although official binding actions may be taken on the basis of an ordinance, a resolution or a motion, the Code requires all legislative acts to be taken by ordinance or resolution.

Council meets once a month, at times it has met twice a month. In the past, the first meeting was an official meeting to conduct business. The second meeting was usually a work session.  In the recent past, all meetings were advertised as official meetings.  All meetings must be advertised to obey the Sunshine Law.